Survey & Poll

Live polls & surveys are powerful tools to get valuable insights and engage your audience

Build an engaging and a positive culture in your institution

Implement evidence-based and realistic changes

Plan your short and long term strategies

Get instant updates on your results to set right goals and plans

Use Educore Apps as an all-in-one rather than using may systems

This great tool from Educore will enable you to focus on areas that will positively impact your school based on anonymous feedback. Polls offers the quickest way to get feedback from your participants and considered as a Pulse Survey.

For your staff

Target your audience whether your Staff, Parents or Students and Collect instant feedback with Polls and Surveys. In modern management, supporting your team wellbeing occupies a high importance. Educore Polls and Surveys will help you to:

Engage your staff for creating the solutions.

Seek further feedback.

Anonymously address each and every concern of yours.

Ask staff to share your ideas.

For Your Registered Parents & Students

Discover your Parents and Students opinions, preferences and knowledge. With multiple choice polls, people vote on predefined options and you can quickly see the prevailing answer.

Multiple choice questions

Multiple Response

True and False questions

Scale questions

Matrix Answers

Star rating

Images selection

Free texts options


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