Robust Functionalities With Flexibility Intented

Forming liaison for the authorities and educational regulatory associates

Educore’s holistic system with built-in tools & unique technology facilitates process, prioritizing data accuracy with centralized property that is less-time consuming & cost-effective with high data security. Capable of setting foundation for networking between the regulatory bodies & each corresponding institution.

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Institution Management

The regulatory body structures the areas & districts & the corresponding per area institutions. It generates analytical reports according to the KPIs set & Quality standards defined.

Key Performance Indicators

Educore enables setting Key Performance Indicators (KPI). This option provides the regulatory body with a measurable value that reflects the educational performance of an institution.

Performance Monitoring

The regulatory body applies Performance Monitoring by setting the benchmark within the system to compare performance standards. Accordingly, Educore automatically generates the performance reports.

Quality & Standards Inspection

The regulatory body conducts Quality Control by identifying quality standards. Educore's capacity to provide automatic auditing results in the announcements & broadcasts in terms of an institution’s quality standards.

Reports & Analytics

Educore’s functionalities & the subprocesses it encompasses, enable the regulatory body to generate reports of an institution’s status & ultimately provide automated analytics based on the overall data.