An Insightful System for Education Councils

Designed to execute and attain all the powerful operations

Educore provides an elegant solution for educational groups to track all the procedures with easy switching between academic level dashboards and options to standardise or customise per institution as needed.

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The Academics

Information Classifying

With all your information obtained from varying academies, you can easily revamp your data as a group or as per-institution basis. Also the powerful classifying, and labeling feature helps in sorting the information in a easy to understand manner.

Conduct Analyzing

Client demand services to coordinate and record all the analytics for prospect decisions and implementations. Seat availability for all your under academies while being able to accomodate your analysis of standard sources and data according to each school’s situation.

Active Execution

Accounts for all schools under the group can be carried out quickly with our user friendly control dashboard and personalized on per academic basis as needed. Form generating and importing to provide us with your information, and we can have your accounts set up in no time.

Training Exercise

Complimentary trainings allowsing the new and freshers staff members to easily learn and acknowledge the accessibility, usage and the functionalities of system and also current staff can get the revisions and learn about newly introduced features and updates.

Protected Access

Group Level Admins can access multiple school accounts with one set of log in credentials and easily switch between accounts. Granular permissions allow you to give different staff members different access rights in different accounts so everyone has access to just the right information.