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Who We Are

We are dedicated to optimize the technology to streamline educational management operations and processes.

Acquiring the needs of an ever-changing environment, Educore provides educational institutions the means to efficiently & productively manage their administration, operations, the pertaining faculties & members. It also simplifies the application of academic objectives by making key functionalities accessible.

Our Values

Providing Complete Spectrum of Services

Intuitional & Adaptable Functionalities

Ensuring a highly satisfying user-experience, we provide our clients with numerous complementary services that facilitates the effortless and hands-on utilization of our software. We push performance improvements by leveraging the adoption of technology to streamline.

Cloud-delivering Shielded Program

Assimilating cloud-based system integration and custom modules for the institutions, ensuring the regularity with the clients requirement, delivering flawless, secure and prompted implementation of plans. We incorporate system security that are resistant to breaches and infringement.

Persistent Customer Support

Allocating elementary help-desk and technical support for the representatives, onto utilizing the services and tools integrated within the platform. Assisting the clients to help them understand the processes and deployments, comprised of professional team with high technical expertise.

Learning Students

Brilliant Teachers

Skillful Employees

Satisfied Parents


Equipped with Most Dynamic Utilities


School Setup

Parents & Student Profile


Classes Management

Light Employees Profiling

Student Demographics


Daily Report






Online Classes

Activities & Assessments

Support Centre

EducoreMessaging System

EducoreParent App

EducoreTeacher App


CRM Track List

Leads & Inquiries


Invoicing Billing & Receipts


Term Tuition Fees

Registration Invoices

Services Billing


Balance Reports

Statement of Accounts

Student Withdrawals

Online Payment Gateway


Journal Voucher





Banks Transactions

VAT Reports

Trial Balance

Balance Sheet

Income Statement

Statement of Accounts

Charts of Accounts

Costs Centre


Cut Off Periods





End of Service


WPS SIF Report


Full Employees Profiles

Employees Attendance

HR Reports

HR Demographics

Employees Notification

EducoreAttendance Mobile App

EducoreTeam Mobile App


Incident Reports



COVID-19 Parents Declaration

PCR Staff Tracking

Students Vaccination

Students Health Log

Employees Health Log

Visitors Health Log

EducoreHealth Mobile App



Learning Areas



Gap Analysis


Learning Journals

Academic Reports


Students Behaviour

Student Awards & Warnings

Reward Points Management

Student Attendance

Students Attestations

Online Exams

Recitations Grades

Exams Auto-Correction

Assign Subjects & Lessons

Lesson Plans

Lessons Objectives

Class TimeTable

Digital Library

Academic Analysis

Academic Report Cards

Our System Driven By Inherent Functions

Enrolment Handler

Student Detail Registry

Classroom Administration

Messaging Integration

Online Assessment

Student Health Record

Real-time Activity Report

Performance Analysis

Course Syllabus Planner

Parent Faculty Meeting

Fee Submission Gateway

Notice Briefing

Aspiring to Surpass Possibilities at Maximum Proficiency and Maintaining Highest Value Levels

Educore makes the most of technology advancement to add value to educational institutions and their corresponding communities, with the Avant-Garde approach in the services it administers.

Carrying end-to-end aspects transformation by endorsing people

As a platform, Educore is a cost-effective solution that virtually unites the different stakeholders involved in a given educational sector, resulting a connected community, covering all the corners and aspects of its underlying practices to present an enhanced mode of operations.

Our purpose states to succeed with the highest standards

Promoting an environment that facilitates executing administrative and managerial tasks, enabling an organization to focus primarily on delivering a satisfying learning experience. In conjunction with promoting smooth administrative and managerial operations, close-up surveillance on student development and progress in an option for parents and institutions by offering a paperless, systematic procedure to manage all learning activities.

Our objectives promotes a paperless implementation of activities, Educore encourages practices that lead to pollution & waste reduction and lifestyles that are harmless to the environment.

Assessing team skills to plan their learning path

Educore aims to create a unique online environment for each institution through seamless management and communication systems while operating on a set of inseparable core value. It is an opportunity for institutions to assess the impact they have & redefine and re-engineer the learning experience.

Plans based on unique objectives for respective associate

The digital evolution witnessed globally, a catalyst to incorporate all that technology has to offer in the Learning, Pedagogical, Alma Mater and Managerial Practices. Our keen observation of the client's needs and effectively quenching them, have led us to have a distinguished position among our competitors. Also, being able to project and keep up with the market requirements makes Educore thrive at fulfilling the anticipated gaps.

With a perspective based on professionalism, determination, reliable & ambition, Educore was roughly a concept. We solidified into a platform to implement a seamless system of organizational interconnection.

We embrace diversity and creativity to deliver conclusive end

Deploying and implementing cutting edge technology have enabled us to cover institutions in new continents including the GCC. Continuously improving, Educore dedicates itself to delivering the premium technological solutions to educational administration and to offer high level of partner services.

Assuring an outright assistance for the future responsibilities

Holding a vision that aims to improve and consolidate all educational practices, through the Educore platform, we have outlined our map onto an intentional expansion over various countries & continents to reach a global spectrum that impacts the learning curves and educational entities. Introducing improved ways to execute administrative tasks to employees that enables parents to participate their child's progress.

Exclusive From Educore Mobile Family


Parents can have instant access all segments related to their child, including Daily Reports, Activities, Notifications and Fee Submission to Attendance Marking.


Employees receive all notifications on Educore Team, linked to HR and Payroll, data related as Documents, Leaves Recordings are accessible and can obtained easily.


Optimizes daily work that involves but not limited to creating and sharing Assignments, Schedules, also recording observations and tailored Online Assessments.


Ease the Distant Learning, elaborating features such as Lesson Plans, Homework, Curriculums, Sessional Examination and also obtaining the Performance Activity.


The Application is directly connected to the Health Module, where declaration forms can be accessed and Health Logs & Checks, for the Students, Employees and School Visitors fetched.


Through a Proximity Card or QR Code, daily Employee Attendance is marked, recording the Logs, which is directly linked to HR & Payroll and Educore Team.


Specific to CRM, the App is used by the School Receptions to capture Visiting data for follow up and tracking. Admission is another major utility for this app.


Appraisal enables the management to design Staff Appraisal Questionnaire, set your Benchmark and have Periodical Appraisals for all your staff and generate Individual Reports.


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  • EducoreSIS
  • EducoreCommunicator
  • EducoreCRM
  • EducoreBilling
  • EducoreFinance
  • EducorePayroll
  • EducoreHR
  • EducoreHealth
  • EducoreEY
  • EducoreLMS
  • EducoreAdmission
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  • EducoreSIS
  • EducoreCommunicator
  • EducoreLMS
  • EducoreEY
  • EducoreCRM
  • EducoreBilling
  • EducoreFinance
  • EducorePayroll
  • EducoreHR
  • EducoreHealth
  • EducoreAdmission
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  • EducoreSIS
  • EducoreCommunicator
  • EducoreCRM
  • EducoreAdmission
  • EducoreBilling
  • EducoreLMS
  • EducoreEY
  • EducoreFinance
  • EducorePayroll
  • EducoreHR
  • EducoreHealth
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  • EducoreSIS
  • EducoreCommunicator
  • EducoreCRM
  • EducoreBilling
  • EducoreFinance
  • EducorePayroll
  • EducoreHR
  • EducoreHealth
  • EducoreEY
  • EducoreLMS
  • EducoreAdmission
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Security Center includes cPHulk Brute Force Protection, Host Access Control, ModSecurity, Security Adviser including ImunifyAV, Shell Fork Bomb Protection. We assure security framework which complies with GDPR: Perpetual Security, DDoS Protection. For the purpose of detecting and blocking attacks on the technical infrastructure, we process personal data including identification data, connection data or localization data. This processing is necessary to pursue our legitimate interest to take protective measures against attacks. The personal data will be processed by Cloudflare Inc., 101 Townsend St San Francisco, CA 94107 under a data processing agreement (Art. 28 GDPR).

Our app, has been built with intuitiveness at its core. We even have aged guardians using our software seamlessly. In case you find it difficult, we provide training and support during the onboarding process and have additional material for further help.

Educore Parent, our administration software, has an integrated payment system supporting all the major payment portals. School owners can raise invoices, accept payments and generate automated receipts with their branding on our app.

When it comes to preventing costly data loss, having a data restore plan in place is only part of the equation. We do weekly backup procedure, retaining 9 months.

We are a childcare management software dedicated to providing better education and overall upbringing to your children. Managing a full-fledged school is not their forte. We allow parents to raise concerns, pay fees, get assessment reports for their kids and so does other things.

We serve compatibility across platforms such as Web, iOS, and Android, and supports various devices. Works on tablets, your home or office computer or laptop, as well as your smartphone. This means you can access it anytime, anywhere and at a price that works for you.

All you need is a wireless internet connection and a tablet/mobile phone for each room. We’ll take care of the rest! We will onboard all your data or migrate data from your existing system within a day.

Performing the out-and-out test restores is best practice. At Educore, we do test restore every 6 months. The last restore process was proceeded in August 2020.


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What They Are Saying About Us

Parents love the simplicity with which they can send and receive information. The system allows for alerts to be sent directly to parent’s systems in the event of an emergency closure. In addition to this all communication can be shared directly and tracked within the system to ensure that as a management team we can see how information is being received, leave submission through the app and indeed our payroll to be completed with ease.



I honestly think that Educore have saved us an incredible amount of additional research to find something that we could use, and in creating documentation to guide parents. The parents are happy as it is familiar and pleased, and the support we receive and indeed how responsiveness to our evolving needs. We spent a lot of time researching and reviewing a number of solutions available on the market and Educore stood out as being the very best.

Lara Hudson


We are extremely satisfied with the Educore Management Portal. We find it very convenient and easy to use, highly effective for parent communication while maintaining confidentiality. We use it for record keeping, communication and documenting. We constantly get feedback from happy parents on the convenience of use. The App also encourages parental involvement. Educore is always prompt with services and innovative, constantly updating.



We initially started with the basic package and over a period of 6 months, now we have been using the majority of the Educore modules for a couple of years, and it has really supported our drive for effective management across locations. Nurseries looking for a broader, fully integrated management system, Educore really does provide it all. Our team felt they had compounded the knowledge around what they were using and ready for the next part.



Our Clinics are also managed using Educore with children’s details being available to the nurses, with complete medical history. Accident reports can be sent straight to the parent’s app, ensuring that information is communicated directly. From the point of enquiry to registration, the Educore CRM function allows a parents registration journey to be tracked, and management reports can be pulled from the system to support and monitor operations.




Our Hard Working Team

Moustafa Batrouni

Chief Executive Officer

I am pleased to welcome all of you who have followed our work in good times and in better times over the last few years on our platform services.

Mohammad Yassine

Senior Technology Consultant

Focusing on building sustainable economical stability and services that can be used in the community. Our fleet of intelligence finance recording offer tracking and automation.

Ahmad Gulzar

Software Architect

We invented the idea of a cohesive system that tracks, stores, allocate, and analyzes data from multiple independent sustainability verticals into one platform.

Nadine Khater

Pedagogical Consultant

In the context of developing our new corporate product identity, we have also decided to research and reconstruct the project terms and our presence in the competition.

Soha Labban


We approach the concept of a affordable system that accommodates, resolve, and strategically graphs the data from varying independent accountabilily verticals into one platform.

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